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Relationship Advice: Do Not Do These Things Unless You Want To Break Up

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Relationship Advice

Do Not Do These Things Unless You Want To Break Up

Constantly Criticize

There are some couples in a relationship that will constantly criticize their partner. If you do this to your partner eventually they will get fed up and want to leave the relationship. Constant criticism can hurt an individual’s self esteem and may make the person being criticized feel as if they are not loved or appreciated.


Some people have big egos and feel that what they need to say is more important than anyone else. When their partner is speaking they will constantly interrupt and this results in the other person not being able to express themselves or say what they want to say. When you interrupt someone you are saying that what you want to say is more important and it shows a lack of respect for your partner.

Withhold Comfort

So your partner comes home and they have had a long  and horrible day. Their boss has screamed at them, their work presentation did not go well and they had an argument with a colleague. They start talking to you and you can see that they need you to listen and give them some encouragement and support. If you refuse to listen to them and say you are busy this shows that you do not care about their feelings. If you can see they feel sad and refuse to give them comfort this sends a message to your partner that you do not care about them.

If you want your relationship to last don’t do any of these things. Your relationship will be better for it.


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