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Relationship Advice: Signs Of A Happy Relationship

happy relationship

Guest Post: Relationship Advice

Signs Of A Happy Relationship

It’s not always about rainbows and butterflies but about compromises and genuine love which keep a relationship strong and going. Usually relationships face drama, insecurities and immaturity from either partner which can weaken the bond shared between both the partners and leads to the decaying of the relationship. However, being strong headed and learning to let go can resolve quite a lot of issues. Moreover, relationships can have a positive effect as well as a negative effect on you as it can be a wonderland if handled carefully but a wasteland if you don’t tend to act sensibly.  Nonetheless, you should analyze and act upon the difference between mere attraction and actual love because you’d be falsified towards the fact that you’ve fallen in love with the guy whom you see in the park every day when it’d just be a mere crush and you’d soon get over it. Consequently, that’s a major problem which most couples make; the theory of their relationship rules is that they consider initial attraction as love and hence get into a relationship but after sometime realize that it wasn’t a good idea and that they’ve created a mistake.

Usually one is blindfolded because of the mist of love and end up going crazy but with time when the vapors evaporate and the sun shines bright then they tend to realize whether they’re in a healthy and happy relationship if it feels calm and satisfying to be with that significant other. However, you can read some signs of a happy relationship below and can make out whether you’re in a lovey dovey one or are it just a drag on which will soon face a dead end.

They Make You Feel Like Home

What can be better than the love of your life making you feel so comfortable and calm that you feel like home when with them? This is undoubtedly one of the best and irreplaceable feelings in the world. Moreover, this is one thing which girls usually tend to seek in their partners and make it a highly crucial point in their relationship rules. I’ve usually heard guys joking about the temperament of girls and at times feel irritated of it but what they don’t tend to understand is that girls are such innocent creatures that all they need is a bit of your love, understanding nature and the fact that you make them feel that you’ll be there for them whenever they’d be in need standing as a protecting shield for them and trust me on this, once a girl feels this way then she’d completely give in herself to the guy. So make it a rule of thumb that you’ll give your partner extra space, a loving and comfortable environment where they feel like they’re being welcomed and taken care of. Do things as,

  • Kiss them on the cheeks whenever both of you meet.
  • Make sudden eatery plans.
  • Let them be themselves in front of you and don’t ever judge them.

You aren’t Jealous but Concerned

Yes girls! I know that one thing which every female share is being jealous over her partner. Well that’s natural and I won’t deny it. Usually girls tend to dominate their men by restricting them from talking to girls, at severe cases even being friends with them and telling them that since both of them are together they won’t tolerate any girls around their man.

However, once you’re a part of a mature relationship you’ll realize that you aren’t the jealous type anymore and it won’t matter if he’s going for lunch with female colleagues or going to the bar with female friends because you’ll gain that much of a trust in him. So once you feel so, start believing that you’re in a very happy relationship.

jealous relationship

You Don’t Need to Plan in Order to Meet

Another one in the relationship rules for a happy relationship is that you wouldn’t need to make an exclusive plan to meet. This is as so because both of you are so comfortable with each other and meet to frequently that it has become very casual and whenever you’re bored you seem to chill with each other. Moreover, you don’t need to pick a date, a dress, a particular time and imagine a perfect dinner with him but once you’re part of a mature and healthy relationship you would even drop by at each other’s house in your PJ’s and order food with some chilled beer. Or,

  • He’d call you that he’s coming to pick you up because his meeting got cancelled.
  • You can send him a text asking him to drop by at home because you’re bored.
  • He’d come over with ice-cream at your place; that too not just for you but for your parents and siblings too.
  • Both of you would just meet for a FIFA match.

signs of a happy relationship

You Fight but Know That It’s Not Ending

It’s a natural phenomenon that every couple fights usually over wither one’s mistake. Teenage relationships would be like, ‘You lied to me, and I hate you and am breaking up with you.’ However, you know that you have a happy relationship when you or your partner says, ‘You lied? Please don’t repeat it again because I love you enough to trust you. So don’t break my trust.’ This means that you can make stupid mistakes at times but it will certainly not lead to an end of your relationship.

happy relationship

Appreciation of Little Things

Another sign of a happy and healthy relationship is that couples tend to recognize the small and special moments and take a moment to appreciate them. Consequently, when your partner does this you feel extremely exuberant and feel so blessed and pretty good to be a part of the relationship that you’re in because no matter whatever it is your partner is realizing your worth and appreciating the moments spent with you. Such moments can be,

  • Thanking you for the cupcakes you baked for him.
  • Taking you out on your anniversary.
  • Playing a mutual favorite song in the car.
  • Cherishing old memories with you and planning to make new oneshealthy relationship

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