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How To Get Your Ex Back

how to get your ex back


Relationship Advice

How To Get Your Ex Back

By Fantasia Smith

Do not just blame your ex for the end of the relationship.

However, angry you may be, your anger will not get your ex back. Remember that you both have faults and no one is perfect. The blame may not be their alone but you may have contributed to the break up. Examine yourself and see if you did anything to offend your partner. Try to imagine what your part in the break up and see if there is something you can do to improve.

Write down the pros and cons of your rrelationship

A list of pros and cons on paper can be very enlightening. Write down what was good and bad about your relationship and perhaps you will discover that your ex was not as bad as you might think. When you reconnect with each other, it is also possible to discuss the list, hoping to work together to figure out what went wrong in the relationship.

Do not despair

Do not despair and fall into depression.  Do not get desperate and beg your ex to come back. Use this time to analyse your relationship and what went wrong.Then relax and try to stay calm.

Do not sit at home and withdraw from socializing.

Let your ex see that you are perfectly able to continue your life without them. If you spend time with your friends and have fun your ex will see that you are not dependent on them for your happiness.

When you are ready ask them out and show them what they are missing.

If you and your ex are still friends or still talking ask them out to discuss the relationship or just to hang out. Perhaps it may seem that the relationship is over, but there may still be hope that you can get back together. Get together and if you have a nice time it can remind your partner of what you once had.

Take care of yourself.

Don’t let yourself go just because your ex has left you. Spend time on your appearance and keep yourself looking attractive. If your ex sees you looking good they may feel desire for you once more.

Do not react to your ex with hostility.

You may want your ex back and at the same time you are still angry with them about what happened in the relationship. Try not to show your anger when you get in touch again.  Remember that this may be the last chance for your relationship and try to keep a cool head. Treat each other with respect and chances are that you will get back together again.

Be careful in contacting your ex’s family and friends.

You want your ex back and wonder if they will take you back. The temptation may be great to speak to their family and friends. However, note that this may work in different ways; your ex may be flattered because of your interest and may try to repair the relationship, or they may be annoyed about the fact that behind their back you were trying to get information about them from their friends and family.

If you want your ex back you need to try to reach out to them and try to repair the relationship. If the blame was yours be humble and apologize for what you have done. Be honest with your partner and tell them how you feel about them and that you want them back. If you really love them the risk is worth taking.

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