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Relationship Advice: Four Things You Need To Know Before You Commit

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Relationship Advice

Four Things You Need To Know Before You Commit

There are four things you need to know before you make a commitment to your partner.

Do they believe in marriage?

You may want to get married but does your partner want to? Some people do not believe in marriage and do not want to get married. They may want to remain faithful to you and live with you but not everyone wants to be married. If you do not believe in marriage then it is fine but if you want marriage and your partner does not this is a problem unless you are willing to compromise.

Do they want children?

This is important to know. You may want to have children and your partner may not. Also you may not want to have children and your partner does. This can cause conflicts and the eventual break up of a relationship.

What are their religious beliefs?

You may not be religious but your partner might be. If your partner has religious beliefs do they expect you to convert to their religion? Will they respect your beliefs? It might be the other way around. You may not have any religious beliefs at all and this could upset your partner if they have a strong belief system.

Where do they want to live?

You might want to live in the city and they may want to live in the country. Your partner could even be planning in the future to relocate to another part of the world.

Before you commit to any relationship you need to know if you are compatible and if you are able to work together as a team to support each other in your goals in life.


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