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Family Relationships: Is Technology Taking Over Our Conversations?

family relationships: technology and relationships

Family Relationships

Is Technology Taking Over Our Conversations?

By Deedra Johnson

Technology has advanced over the past century.  Now we have mobile phones with internet and we can watch movies, read books and even shop with our phones.

There is an obsession with social media. Everyone wants to chat on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and check out their Google Plus page.  Everyone seems obsessed with being online.

This online obsession leaves little time to actually speak to people. Children are more obsessed with video games and seem to prefer being on their computer to playing board games or talking with other family memebers.

It is a common sight now to find people engaging more with their phones than with people. At lunchtime I was sitting with other work colleagues and everyone was on their phone texting, surfing the net instead of talking. Where is the conversation?

Technology is taking over our lives to the point where people do not want to talk to each other anymore. We need to make time to speak to each other and learn to socialize again. Technology should not take the place of a real conversation and the chance to make a connection with another human being,

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