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Relationship Advice: Is There Love At First Sight?

relationship advice


Relationship Advice

Is There Love At First Sight?

By Debra James

Everyone has heard of love at first sight. Movies make us believe this by portraying couples who have that spark that makes them fall in love immediately.

The fairy tales that we read to our children encourage this belief in love at first sight. Sleeping Beauty is awoken by the kiss of her true love. Snow White falls into a coma when she eats the poisoned apple and wakes when she is kissed by her prince.

But is it really true? Will you just meet someone and everything seems perfect and you have found the one? I personally do not think there is love at first sight. I believe there is attraction at first sight. There can be physical attraction when you first meet someone.

I believe love occurs over time. You need time to get to know someone in order to fall in love. You love people for who they are inside.

Disney recently released the movie Maleficent about the evil fairy from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. They changed the story to make it that Sleeping Beauty woke up when Maleficent kissed her. This is because in the story Maleficent had watched over her from when she was a baby and therefore had true love for her.

Some people search their whole lives looking for “true love.” True love is in the love a mother has for her child. True love is the love that true friends have for one another. True love is the love that family have for each other. And finally true love is the love that a man and woman have for one another which develops over time when they truly get to know and appreciate each other for who they really are.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Let me know in the comments below.


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