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Why Do People Enter Toxic Relationships?

toxic relationships

Finding and attracting a good partner is not an easy task. Some people find themselves attracted to abusers over and over again and ask themselves why. Some individuals are unaware that they are actually psychologically programmed to be attracted to abusive partners. This is because they may have grown up and watched their parents living out an abusive relationship and subconsciously picked partners that reflected their parent’s relationship.

They may have also experienced abuse from their parents and that is all they know. Sometimes it is linked to low self-esteem and feeling that they are not worthy of being treated well. And for some people it is just bad luck in choosing an abusive partner who disguised themselves as being good.  If any of these descriptions you can relate to there is hope. You can change your programming. Becoming aware of your dating patterns is the first step. 

If you would like to know more about choosing the right partner find out more in the book How To Find The Right Person To Date and if you are already in an abusive relationship the book Get Out If You Can How To Escape An Abusive Relationship will guide you in how to leave that abusive partner forever.

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