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How To Get A Boyfriend

how to get a boyfriend

The Key To Getting A Boyfriend By Delores John


Everyone wants to find someone to love and to have a relationship with. You are reading this article right now because you want to know how to get a boyfriend.In this world love is hard to find and if you want to have that special someone you may have to work for it.


Gone are the days of women waiting around for Prince Charming to find them and ask them out on a date. You can not afford to wait around and expect the right guy to find you. Some women are lucky and just happen to meet a man and fall in love at work, at a party or even in a night club.


Some women are not so lucky. Some women are still searching for their soul mate and want to find love but it is elusive and rare as a gem in a distant land far away. There is hope to find the right person for you and attract a mate. Finding a soul mate is not an unattainable goal. However, to find love and the right partner you need to decide what kind of man you want.


To get anything you want in life you need to set a goal and go for it. So in order to get a boyfriend you need to know what kind of man that you want.

Do you know the kind of man that you want? What are the characteristics that you want in a boyfriend? Do you want a boyfriend who is loving and kind? Or do you want someone assertive and strong? Write out a list of characteristics that you want in an ideal boyfriend.


Once you have decided and know the kind of boyfriend you want you have to decide to go after what you want. There are some women who believe that a man has to make the first move and ask them out on a date.


If you meet someone and you believe they are the right man for you go for what you want. If the man you want is very shy you may be waiting forever for them to ask you on a date. This is the twenty first century. If you find a man that you want and are interested in them you do not have to wait for them to ask you out. Ask them out! You have to seize the opportunity when you have it.


It is scary to ask someone out on a date because of a fear of rejection. It is a risk to ask someone out because they may say no. Now you know how guys feel. However, life is not without risk. If you want something you have to go after it. If they say no, well they were not the right person for you. Try, try and try again.


If you are not brave enough to ask a man out right away try being their friend first. Cultivate a friendship and get to know them. By making them a friend you will get to know them and will eventually find out if they are the type of man that you would like to be a boyfriend.


In life you’ve got to be brave and take risks to get what you want. So if you want to get a boyfriend, you need to know the kind of man you want and once you have figured that out go for what you want. When you meet someone you are interested in seize the opportunity to ask them out or cultivate a friendship with them. Eventually you will find out if they are boyfriend material and whether they are the right person for you.



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