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How Would You Know If You Are In An Abusive Relationship?

abusive relationships
How would you know if you are in an abusive relationship? How would you be able to figure it out? Some victims of domestic violence are in abusive relationships and are not even aware of it. Sometimes, their partners convince them that their abusive behaviour is their fault. Many victims of domestic violence blame themselves for their partner’s abusive behaviour and become trapped in a cycle of abuse.

Do you know the signs of an abusive partner? Abusers have many different character traits. They can be charming and generous and in the next moment become violent and angry. Abusers always blame their victims for their behaviour and never take responsibility for what they are doing.

Abusers isolate their victims and keep them from friends and family in order to maintain control and power over them. They also verbally abuse their victims in order to hurt their self-esteem and play mind games to keep them off balance. An abuser can keep you awake all night simply to torture you. An abuser also finds ways to make you dependant on them emotionally so that you will not leave them.

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Victims of domestic violence are abused on a daily basis by their partners. They can be abused verbally, emotionally, physically and financially. An abuser can verbally abuse you by criticizing you. For example, they may call you stupid, fat or ugly in order to hurt you.

You can be physically abused by your partner when they hit you or beat you up. An abuser who is physically abusive is always sorry afterwards and repentant about his abuse until the next time. A physical abuser will say they hit you because you made them angry and lay all the blame for the abuse on you. An abusive partner can also abuse you financially by withholding money from you or controlling all the finances and leaving you with little or no funds.

Do you feel helpless, powerless, and out of control? Have you ever felt trapped and helpless in your relationship? When you are subjected to abuse it can make you feel depressed, lonely and isolated. Sometimes you may feel helpless and like there is no hope.

Have you ever thought of leaving but just don’t know how? When you are trapped in an abusive relationship it can feel like there is no way out. However, there is hope and there is a way out. Victims of domestic violence need to learn the characteristics of an abusive partner, how to recognize if they are in abusive relationships, how to plan in order to leave an abusive relationship and how to recover after abuse. Leaving an abusive relationship and having a happy life free from abuse is possible. The first step is recognizing that you are in abusive relationship and having the courage to do something about it.

By Delores John

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