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Believe In Yourself

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If You Don’t Believe In Yourself Who Will?

It is important in life to believe in yourself. I learned this lesson quite recently. I went for a job in a managerial position and some of my colleagues were quite discouraging.I was told not to go for the job and that I would probably not get it.

Some of them tried their best to put doubt in my mind.I thought about it. Should I go for the job or not? I spoke to family and friends. Then I realized that I had nothing to lose.I could go for the job and get it or I could go for the job and not get it. Either way I would still have a job because I was already working.

I realized that when people are fearful it keeps them from getting what they want. I realized that I could not let fear of what could happen keep me from applying for a job I really wanted. I went for the job despite the discouragement and blocked out all their negativity. All I focused on was getting the job and nothing else.

I prepared well and said a prayer before the interview. If it was meant for me to get the job I would get it. I did the interview and guess what? I got the job! All because I believed in myself and did not let negative people discourage me from getting what I want.

So my message for today is believe in yourself no matter what! Go for what you want and don’t let anyone discourage you from trying to get what you want in life.



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  1. Love your words of wisdom please.feel free to join me on face book l would like our friends to.meet you through your words of encouragement. I’m Rick Montgomery
    Be bless always beautiful sister.

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